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ACCA Launches Building Performance Council

Mar 12, 2012

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), the nation’s largest organization of indoor environment and energy services contracting businesses, has announced the launch of a new Building Performance Council (BPC) within ACCA to provide specific services to this vital segment of the industry.

The BPC broadens the horizon for ACCA members by integrating shared learning involving a multitude of products and systems. It will offer members the best path for continued success in an evolving energy efficiency industry. The deepening need we all see every day as new building performance and energy saving technologies are implemented will be best served by uniting under one powerful organization.

“There was no better time than now for ACCA to create a council to serve the building performance market segment,” said Joe Nichter, ACCA Chairman of the Board. “Members of ACCA are no longer just heating and cooling contractors. We have been looking at the whole building for years and this new council will help continue to be successful in this growing market segment. ”

The BPC will be guided by an Advisory Committee comprised of the nation’s leaders in this vital industry segment.  The first chairman of the BPC Advisory Council will be Ellis Guiles of TAG Mechanical Systems, Inc. in Syracuse, NY. Guiles is a leader in the building performance market segment and has chaired or served on many of the committees that are responsible for developing and reviewing the ACCA quality standards.  In addition to Guiles, others serving on the BPC Advisory Committee are:

  • Larry Taylor, AirRite Air-Conditioning Co., Fort Worth, TX
  • Hal Smith, Halco Plumbing & Heating, Phelps, NY
  • Richard Dean, Environmental Systems Associates, Columbia, MD
  • Adam Gloss, Bel Red Energy Solutions, Mukilteo, WA
  • Steve Saunders, Tempo Mechanical, Irving, TX
  • Steve Schmidt, Frederick Air, Frederick, MD
  • Bert Kendall, Green Homes America, Canonsburg, PA
  • Matthew Todd, Entek Corp., Longview, WA
  • John Waldorf, Estes Heating & A/C, Atlanta, GA
  • Rob Minnick, Minnick’s Laurel, MD
  • Robert Wilkos, Comfort Institute, Bellingham, WA
  • Tim Cropp, Cropp-Metcalf, Fairfax, VA

“As a contractor-led organization, the BPC will have direct input from contractors who perform this type of work on a daily basis,” said Guiles. “This unique view will help make the market segment more professional and help show measurable value to customers.”

The BPC’s initial scope of work includes:

  • Seek recognition of applicable ACCA standards by State and Federal entities, utilities, and allied trade/professional organizations.
  • Develop training programs for contractors to implement the QH Standard (ANSI/ACCA 12 QH – 2011; Existing Home Evaluation and Performance Improvement)
  • Ascertain the marketplace need for and viability of a contractor recognition or accreditation program based on the QH Standard.
  • Plan building performance workshops for future ACCA Annual Conferences and other meetings;
  • Launch new communications specifically for BPC members;
  • Develop a BPC section of the ACCA website, featuring webinars, articles and resources exclusively for BPC members;
  • Addition of a Building Performance Contractor Directory on the ACCA website;
  • Inclusion of BPC input into ACCA’s broader activities in government relations, industry advocacy, and standards development.
  • Develop of additional national standards for Building Performance

“The BPC is the second council ACCA has started to serve the diverse market segments in our industry,” said Paul T. Stalknecht, ACCA president & CEO. “We believe the BPC will grow and have a major influence on the building performance market, because ACCA has been laying the groundwork for many years through its development of standards and quality assurance programs.”