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Access to RESNET National Registry Now Open

Oct 22, 2014

The RESNET National Registry is a source of valuable information to consumers, builders, utility programs and code officials.  Since 2012 all certified RESNET HERS® Raters and homes that have been rated and issued a HERS® Index Score have been entered into the registry.

The RESNET Board of Directors has adopted a policy that interested parties can access certain information on a certified HERS® Rater or a home’s HERS® Index Score.  The information that can be accessed includes:

Certified RESNET HERS® Raters

  • The Name of the certified RESNET HERS® Rater
  • The Rating Company Name
  • Location of the Rating Company
  • Name and Contact Information of the Rating Quality Assurance Provider That Certified the Rater and is Responsible for the Quality Assurance Oversight
  • Whether the Rater is Active or Has the Certification Been Suspended or Revoked

HERS® Index Score of a Home

  • Address of Home Rated
  • Rating Company Name That Rated the Home
  • Date That Rating was Completed
  • HERS® Index Score of Home

This resource provides invaluable information so that a party can confirm the status of a person claiming to provide rating services and the HERS® Index Score of, date of the rating conducted and the name of the company that rated the home.

RESNET has now posted a web page where the public can access this information.  To view the new resource go RESNET National Registry