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After Twenty Years of Service, RESNET® Deputy Director Kathy Spigarelli Announces Her Retirement

Nov 1, 2018


RESNET Board President Nancy St. Hilaire presents Kathy Spigarelli appreciation plaque for her two decades of service.

At the Fall 2018 RESNET Board Meeting, RESNET Deputy Director Kathy Spigarelli announced after twenty years of service to RESNET, she will retire on January 1, 2019.

In the two decades of service Kathy has given to RESNET, she has worn many hats—as education coordinator (building on her years of experience in adult education), conference coordinator, and of course, as Deputy Director. During Kathy’s tenure, RESNET has experienced immeasurable growth, leading to its current status as the gold standard for measuring home performance. Kathy’s work has allowed RESNET to build and manage its internal operations while developing external relationships with the Environmental Protection Agency, and others, that elevated the status of RESNET in the building industry.

Most recently, with Kathy’s guidance, RESNET has fulfilled the Board’s goal of nearly doubling RESNET’s staff and increasing its resources to continue to grow and meet the needs of the industry now and into the future.

RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden commented, “On behalf of the RESNET staff and the RESNET Board, it is important to put into words our heartfelt thanks for the hard work and superb performance that Kathy Spigarelli has given to RESNET for two decades. She has inspired us all and helped us to achieve our reputation for excellence. Retirement has never been more deserved. The RESNET staff will work hard to maintain RESNET’s gold standard status that she helped to create. While RESNET and all of the industry will miss her, Kathy leaves us both in a good place, far better than where we began.”