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Apply for the RESNET 2020 Emerging Leader Fellowship

Sep 4, 2019


RESNET’s Emerging Leadership Council (ELC) is launching the Emerging Leader Fellowship for the 2020 RESNET Building Performance Conference, February 24-26, 2020 in Scottsdale, AZ.

Up to three up-and-coming HERS® industry professionals (with fewer than 5 years of experience) may receive a fellowship to attend the 2020 RESNET Building Performance Conference.

The fellowship includes:

  • 100% waiver on your 2020 RESNET Building Performance Conference registration
  • Complimentary private room at the host hotel for four nights during the conference
  • Membership on the RESNET Emerging Leadership Council

The RESNET Emerging Leadership Council is accepting applications for the 2020 Fellowship until October 11, 2019. Apply here.



“The RESNET Emerging Leadership Fellows Program gave me the opportunity to attend the annual conference, where I connected with so many other bright and talented peers in the home performance industry. The ELC Fellows program is a wonderful opportunity to get more involved in professional development, and I strongly encourage anyone interested to apply.” — Elizabeth Sanfelippo, 2019 RESNET ELC Fellow



“The RESNET Emerging Leadership Fellowship provided me an opportunity to grow our industry and my career. I have made amazing relationships around the country with people that do what I do and face the same challenges. The ELC has given me the opportunity to network with the best minds in our industry, and the opportunity to make a difference.” — Xavier Walter, 2019 RESNET ELC Fellow




“Joining the ELC as a fellow in 2019, as someone with less than a year in the industry, has helped open my eyes to the workings of RESNET and ratings industry. I now better understand how I can get involved and leverage my own strengths to help this great and important industry move forward, and feel like I am actively helping out on many fronts. It has fast-forwarded the impact I can make, and given me a critical credential in launching my own business and growing the number of homes rated in Tennessee.” — Jon Gensler, 2019 RESNET ELC Fellow