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Apply Now for the 2021 Emerging Leadership Council Fellowship

Oct 6, 2020

RESNET’s Emerging Leadership Council (ELC) is launching the Emerging Leader Fellowship for the virtual 2021 RESNET Building Performance ConferenceFebruary 22-24, 2021, online everywhere!

Up to five up-and-coming HERS® industry professionals (with fewer than 5 years of experience) may receive a fellowship to attend the 2021 RESNET Virtual Building Performance Conference.

The fellowship includes:

  • 100% waiver on your 2021 RESNET Building Performance Conference registration
  • Membership on the RESNET Emerging Leadership Council


“The RESNET Emerging Leadership Fellowship gave me the opportunity to attend the annual RESNET Conference, where I got to put faces to many of the names I had seen come across emails and on the RESNET website, while also getting to meet a bunch of other like-minded people. There was a plethora of presentations to attend, which allowed me to geek out on building science and learn tons of new and exciting information. I left the conference feeling empowered and ready to make a positive change, just as I know you will! — Rachel LaMantia, 2020 RESNET ELC Fellow

The RESNET Emerging Leadership Council is accepting applications for the 2021 Fellowship until November 1.

Click here to apply.