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Cardice Howard Named Acting RESNET® Deputy Director

Dec 4, 2018
Cardice Howard has been appointed as the RESNET Acting Deputy Director.  Her appointment is the result of the current RESNET Deputy Director Kathy Spigarelli’s retirement on January 1, 2019.
Many of you know Cardice Howard from her recent term on the RESNET Board of Directors. In her role as RESNET Operations Manager, she has brought with her 27 years of operations management experience as an insulation contractor in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas market along with her passion as an insulation Industry advocate to the RESNET team. As an insulation contractor, Cardice developed and maintained cohesive relationships with builders, code officials, HERS® Raters, sales, and operations staff, with a focus on business development and strategic planning. With that experience, Cardice is poised to build upon the success Kathy has helped RESNET achieve, and with Executive Director Steve Baden, continue to grow the organization’s success well into the future.

Cardice will start as the RESNET Acting Deputy Director on January 1, 2019.