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Catch the Rising Tide for Home Energy Ratings Attend the 2014 RESNET Building Performance Conference

Jan 9, 2014

Across the nation the RESNET HERS® Index Score is fast becoming a mainstream in the housing market.  Homebuilders are having their homes energy rated and marketing the HERS® Index Score of their homes, Multiple Listing Services (MLS) are incorporating the HERS® Index Scores in their listings.

A major boost has been provided by the International Code Council adopting an Energy Rating Index option to the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code.

The 2014 RESNET Energy Conference will feature a track of sessions focused on Home Energy Ratings.  The conference will provide the only opportunity to learn first-hand about this trend and position your business to take advantage of this rising tide.

Core conference sessions dedicated to this topic includes:

HERS® Ratings as Compliance Option in the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code – Raters’ Perspectives

HERS® Index and Utility Brand Make a Powerful Partnership – A Georgia Case

HERS® Ratings – Transforming the Market with Builder Private Labeling – A South Carolina Case

Increasing Confidence in the HERS® Index Through Consistency

RESNET’s CAZ Simulation Test

Peak Performance – Why Installation Matters with Insulation – The RESNET Grading of the Installation of Insulation

Making the Grade: HERS® Indices for Code and Above-Code Programs

Powerful New Tool for Builders – Guaranteed Energy Performance Based Upon Home Energy Ratings

The Future – HERS® in 2024

What Your HERS® Provider Wishes You Knew

Introducing the RESNET – ASNT MOU: Certification in Infrared Thermography for Building Diagnostics

Sampled Ratings: As Clear as We Can Make Them

Tips & Tricks for being a more effective QAD

Do You Want Them To Pass a Test – OR – Learn How To Do Their Job Right?

Mobile Data Collection and Ratings: Touch and Go

Are You Getting Your Fan Flows Right?

To view the list of sessions being offered at the 2014 RESNET Conference go to 2014 RESNET Conference Core Conference Sessions

Catch the Power of Performance.  Register for the 2014 RESNET Conference today!

Remember the conference “early bird discount” will end on January 24, 2014.

The 2014 RESNET Conference is a not-to-miss event for the rating industry.  For more information go to 2014 RESNET Power of Performance Conference