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2012 RESNET Building Performance Conference Offers Energy and Environmental Alliance Track

Jan 19, 2012

As part of the strategic alliance between RESNET and Energy and Environmental Alliance (EEBA) the 2012 RESNET Building Performance Conference will be offering a series of sessions focusing on technical issues and marketing energy efficiency to consumers. The sessions will be presented by Gord Cooke of Building Knowledge. The EEBA track includes:

Train the Trainer Sales Session – Learn the Skills to Help Your Builder Sell ENERGY STAR to Homebuyers – The goal of this session is to empower you to help new home builders sell the value propositions the energy efficiency programs you deliver offer. This session has been adapted specifically for raters from the EEBA Houses That Work Sales Training session, delivered directly to new home sales agents. In this session you will develop a sales training plan outline that you can use to engage sales managers and the sales staff of new home builders to ensure more frequent opportunities for education sessions that will build commitment, enthusiasm and greater consistency in the message. The session will include identification of the 3 most common sales processes used by new home sales agents and how you can help them integrate the energy efficiency message into each one. Come learn the top 4 questions you should be asking each of your builders and the top 3 questions new home sales should be asking when speaking with homebuyers to ensure the success of the services and programs you offer. The presenter for this session has helped hundreds of new home sales agents effectively integrate energy efficiency messages into their sales process.

Introduction to High Performance Homes and IAQ – The Implications of the EPA Indoor Plus Program – This session will teach participants essential information about indoor air quality as it applies to high performance homes. You will learn the four important strategies for controlling and improving indoor air quality. The session is based on the popular EEBA Houses That Work Indoor Air Quality program that was developed to highlight the key elements of EPA’s Indoor airPLUS air quality home-labeling program and how it relates to Version 3 of the ENERGY STAR for New Homes program. This knowledge will empower raters to sort through the quagmire of IAQ information that is currently available to help their builders and homeowners make better decisions.

Advancing the IAQ Conversation – Cost-effective Solutions – This session will build on the information presented in the IAQ Introductory session to focus on the practical and affordable tools and strategies they can use to help their clients make better decisions and to incorporate healthy indoor initiatives into their building projects. Participants will leave the session equipped to avoid potential risks and identify new opportunities for building and remodeling homes to simultaneously improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality. The session will include advice on how to market and sell air quality services from the presenter who has done hundreds of effective and profitable indoor air quality investigations.

Mechanical Ventilation – The Right Options for the Right Climate Zone to Optimize ENERGY STAR V3 – Wondering what’s the best ventilation system – exhaust only, fresh air duct into air handler, ERV or HRV for your builders? Want to really understand when to use an HRV or ERV? This session presenter has been designing ventilation systems for over 25 years and can provide the practical advice you need to help your builders and homeowners make the right choice. This session will highlight the essential elements of ventilation systems for high performance homes. Based on the EEBA Houses That Work Ventilation session that has been delivered to hundreds of builders and HVAC contractors across the country, raters attending this session will be better able to help builders and homeowners make better decisions. A full discussion of appropriate and cost-effective ventilation systems for each climate zone will be outlined to prepare raters for ENERGY STAR, LEED for Homes, NAHB Green now and in the future.

The 2012 RESNET Building Performance Conference is a not-to-miss event.