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Coval Homes: April 2024 RESNET® HERS® Index Builder of the Month

Mar 29, 2024 BuildersGeneralProvidersRaters


This month’s RESNET HERS Builder of the Month is Coval Homes in Washington. We asked Coval Homes Director of Operations Jason Riipinen to share some insight on building HERS® homes for their customers.

He said, “At Coval Homes, we don’t just build houses, we build homes for the future. And in that future, sustainability and efficiency are paramount. That’s why we wholeheartedly embrace HERS ratings on every single one of our homes.  It corroborates our efforts to create comfortable, environmentally sound designs, and creates a marketing edge for us as the builder, but the real winner is the environment.” 

When asked what is special about a HERS-rated home, he continues, “It’s a 3rd party score that communicates a home’s energy efficiency. The owners of homes with lower scores can expect: reduced cost in energy bills, increased comfort, higher home resale value, and are seen as stewards of the environment–reducing their carbon footprint.”

Lastly, Jason tells us why consumers should expect efficient homes as the norm. “It should be expected as the world is educated on the benefits of building energy-efficient homes. Energy use has many negative impacts on the world we live in, using it wisely is a responsibility of all. Beyond these benefits, expecting energy-efficient homes sends a powerful message to builders like Coval Homes. It encourages us to prioritize sustainable practices and innovate in energy-saving technologies, ultimately leading to a better housing market for everyone.”

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