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Deeper Green Consulting Becomes Accredited RESNET HERS® Rating Provider

Jul 30, 2020


Deeper Green Consulting, a building performance firm out of Frisco, CO has recently been approved to serve as an accredited RESNET Quality Assurance HERS® Rating Provider.

Deeper Green Consulting serves Colorado’s mountain communities providing a range of professional consulting, certification, and training services for building professionals, property owners, architects, contractors, designers, property managers, and real estate professionals. Working on both residential and commercial projects for new construction and existing buildings, their goal is to assist the building community in delivering high performing buildings, by utilizing the latest building science and proven construction practices.

“We are excited to expand our relationship with RESNET, to become Colorado’s latest HERS® Rating Provider. As our building codes and sustainability initiatives move to performance-based solutions, Deeper Green Consulting is ready to lead our local building professionals to achieve higher standards. As sustainable building design and construction professionals, we view our work as saving the world one building at a time.”

Accredited rating providers have the responsibility of ensuring the quality of rating services. Rating providers are responsible for administering rating programs. These responsibilities include:

• Certification of raters
• Selection of accredited rating software programs
• Rating quality assurance
• Marketing of rating services
To view a complete list of providers and learn about the application process, visit https://www.resnet.us/providers/accredited-providers/accredited-rating-providers/