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Extension of Requirement of Removal of Quality Assurance Delegates

Apr 14, 2020 Raters

From the Desk of RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden
April 13, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our day to day business and personal lives.

This communication is to inform the RESNET community on the latest emergency measure that RESNET has adopted to assist Rating Providers in meeting the COVID-19 national emergency.

With the temporary emergency powers granted to me by the RESNET Board Executive Committee, I have made the following waiver.

Removal of the Quality Assurance Designee Delegate Certification

Section 905.6 of the RESNET Mortgage Industry Home Energy Rating Standards (MINHERS) established the Quality Assurance Designee Delegate certification. A standard amendment deleted this section, effectively removing the allowance for QA Delegates altogether. The effective date of this amendment is July 1, 2020.

For the viability of the RESNET HERS® quality assurance efforts during this national emergency, I have adopted the following emergency temporary policy. This will give Rating Providers more time for their Quality Assurance Designee Delegates to be certified as QADs.

Effective immediately, the effective date of the elimination of Quality Assurance Designee Delegates shall be extended for a period of 90 days. 

To keep the HERS® community up-to-date on developments addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, RESNET has posted a new webpage, RESNET COVID-19 Updates. The webpage contains RESNET COVID-19 Announcements, Resources for the Rating Industry on the COVID-19 Pandemic and General Resources on the COVID-19 Pandemic. The page is frequently updated, therefore RESNET professionals are urged to check it daily. 

We are all in this pandemic crisis and by working together we will recover and be more united and stronger than ever.