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FTD Homes: May 2024 RESNET® HERS® Index Builder of the Month

May 6, 2024 BuildersGeneralProvidersRaters


The May 2024 RESNET HERS Builder of the Month is For The Duration Homes in Amarillo, TX. We asked owner Lindsay Reynolds to share some insight on building HERS homes for their customers.

Lindsay says, “We have chosen to have our homes HERS-rated because it is important for our clients to have an easy way to understand what the return on investment is on the actual envelope and build the quality of the home. It helps our clients better understand what to expect out of their homes in the future”

She continues, “The beauty of a HERS score as a consumer is that it gives you a look at what you cannot see. When you look at a home, it is the sum of all of its inputs, and once the sheetrock is on, it is hard to know what was done to make one home more substantial than another. A HERS score begins to help you understand what the value of your home is beyond just the measure of a cost per square foot.”

“The analogy I always give is that you don’t walk into a dealership and ask, ‘What is the going rate for a car?’ it all depends on which one you want and what features you want. A home is no different, and the HERS score begins to give you the information you need as a consumer to really understand what you are buying.”

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