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Garbett Homes: June 2021 RESNET HERS® Index Builder of the Month

Jun 3, 2021


Garbett Homes is the June 2021 RESNET HERS® Index Builder of the Month and was recently recognized by RESNET for a low average HERS® score of 46.1 (for a builder completing more than 50 homes), compared to the national average HERS® score of 58.

We asked Marketing Manager Glenn Hoggan why does Garbett Homes choose to have their homes HERS® rated? He said, “At Garbett Homes, we pride ourselves on offering our buyers forward-thinking homes not just from a design standpoint, but most importantly, from an efficiency standpoint. Giving our buyers the proof that we can back up the efficiency claims we make with independent certification is important. We want our buyers to know that we stand behind what we say and how we build homes.”

He believes consumers should expect energy-efficient homes “because they should expect continuous improvement, and with continuous improvement in homebuilding should come home energy efficiency. They should also expect something more than a “take our word of it” response when they have already committed with their time and money to a home purchase. Customers feel assured that we stand behind our homes and are more than happy to prove it. While some sell “green” or energy-efficient features, they cannot compete with efficiency proven in the HERS® Scores we have for every Garbett home sold.”

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