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GE Releases Video on HERS® Index Score and New Water Heater Product

Apr 25, 2014


GE will be soon introducing a new high performance water heater, the GeoSpring Hybrid Electric Water Heater.  As part of the announcement of the new product GE has produced a video.

The seven minute production introduces the RESNET HERS® Index Score stating that it is like the Miles per Gallon sticker for homes.  It states that the HERS® Index Score lets “the homeowner know how efficient the home is compared to other similar homes”.  It reported that the demand for home energy ratings soared in 2013.

The video explains the new GeoSpring product and focuses on how many HERS® Index points the product will save.  Examples were used on the impact of the product in the various the climate zones in the country.

RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden commented that the use of the HERS® Index Score by a leading manufacturer such as GE demonstrates that the HERS® Index Score in the national industry standard for measuring the energy performance of new and existing homes.  “The HERS® Index provides an unbiased uniform method by which product manufacturers on a level playing field can demonstrate the benefits of their product to builders and homeowners.”

To view the video go to GeoSpring for Energy Efficient Homes

To learn more about the RESNET HERS® Index go to www.hersindex.com