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HEAT3D App: measure heat energy and cost flowing through building surfaces

Nov 21, 2023

Energy totals for wall

Use an iPhone and FLIROne camera to measure and display the amount of heat flow through building elements and their U and R value  accurately, quicker, better and cheaper than ever before.

Use HEAT3D® to see the cost of the heat passing through walls. Work out where best to insulate and whether it’s worth it. Take a HEAT3D survey before and after adding insulation and see the heat flow difference and cost savings.

HEAT3D takes thermal imaging to the next level by measuring the actual amount of heat energy flowing through surfaces (in Watts or BTU/h) as well as temperatures. Its primary use is in buildings for heat flow in either direction through a surface – e.g. warming or cooling.

What used to require specialized and expensive equipment to measure heat flow at a point can now be achieved in minutes across a whole wall with just an iPhone and FLIROne® camera using the new unique patented and proven HEAT3D technology!

There is a short 1 minute video demonstrating how to use HEAT3D with the FLIROne camera here:-

HEAT3D app on iPhone


HEAT3D received the following feedback from a recent assessment by 3 independent building energy experts:-

“The innovation addresses a clear gap in the market where existing solutions fall significantly short in accuracy, cost and scalability.”

“HEAT3D provides a unique new tool to help in the drive to NetZero.” 

Several years of R&D are behind getting from initial idea to a proven working solution. TeleDyne FLIR and their developer support team have been a constant and invaluable partner on this journey, providing technical support in solving challenges and even new features to support HEAT3D.  Please visit https://heat3d.net to read more about the history and research behind HEAT3D

You can try out the entry level version of HEAT3D from the Apple AppStore here HEAT3D on iPhone with FLIROne Pro