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HERS® Index Featured at Vision House Exhibit in the INNOVENTIONS of the Walt Disney World Epcot

Apr 8, 2013

Through a partnership with Disney and Green Builder Media, the Vision House exhibit in the Walt Disney World Epcot educates consumers on the HERS® Index Score.

The VISION House in INNOVENTIONS focuses on sustainable living and specific green building products and practices.  Energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor environment quality, and durability are major themes that run throughout the exhibit.  The exhibit immerses children and adults alike in life-enhancing ideas that are informational, entertaining, and inspirational.  The exhibit’s plans were energy rated and calculated to have a HERS® Index Score of “0”.

Visitors are met at the front entrance of the VISION House in by Disney “Cast Members” and taken through a 25 minute tour through three main areas of the home.   On the tour, guests learn about behind-the-walls products and building science fundamentals, integrated design elements, advanced technologies and green products, and the HERS® Index.  RESNET and the HERS® Index Score scripting is incorporated into the tour script and handout cards that are given to persons who tour the exhibit.  This means that everyone visiting the exhibit will be exposed to RESNET and the HERS® Index Score.

Epcot is one of four theme parks located in the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Epcot allows guests to travel to eleven countries on four continents, explore land and sea adventures, experience future technologies and journey into their imagination.   The Epcot theme park receives approximately 11 million visitors annually, with roughly 6 million visitors to the INNOVENTIONS attraction.

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