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HERS® Professionals: Volunteer to Serve on Standard Development Process

Oct 6, 2020

“The Appraisal Institute sees RESNET as the gold standard for measuring and communicating the energy performance of a home” Jim Amorin, Chief Executive Officer, Appraisal Institute

A vital RESNET activity is the development and maintenance of standards that are recognized as the gold standard for the inspecting, testing and rating of the energy performance of a home or apartment.  RESNET’s standards set the parameters of every aspect with HERS® Ratings.  In addition, RESNET’s standards are incorporated into energy codes and utility and other program sponsored incentive programs across the nation.

RESNET’s standards development process is a consensus-based effort that includes standards development committees, standards development subcommittees and working groups that shape the draft standards that are submitted to the public for review and comment.  It is these committees, subcommittees and working groups that are the backbone of how RESNET standards are developed.  For a quick outline of the RESNET standard development process click on How a Standard Amendment Gets Approved

RESNET Needs the Industry’s Input in This Effort.  The HERS® industry has a huge stake in the standards development process. The industry should see the RESNET standards as their standards.  Only by the industry being actively involved in the process will this be the case.  RESNET needs industry experts that are willing to put pen to paper and join working groups that will research ideas that improve our standards and draft the specific changes needed.

Now is a Critical Time to Lend Your Voice and Expertise. While the 2019 editions of the ANSI RESNET technical standards (301 & 380) were only recently adopted by RESNET, revisions planned for their 2022 editions are under consideration now.  This means that the specific proposed changes need to be completed by the fall of 2020 such that multiple public comment periods can be conducted prior to publication in the fall of 2021.

Two Ways to Get Involved:

  1. RESNET needs HERS® Raters and Providers to identify and recommend what needs to be added, removed, and/or changed in the ANSI/RESNET/ICC Standards 380 and 301.
  2. Additionally, RESNET needs volunteers to serve on working groups that will be formed to research and propose those changes to the key technical standards.

Have Ideas that Would improve the Standards? RESNET has posted a RESNET Standards Suggestion Box on its web site.  The suggestion box includes an online form in which you can propose specific areas of the standard that can be improved.

Interested in Volunteering to Serve on a RESNET Technical Working Group? Apply at RESNET Technical Standard Working Group. We need to identify volunteers by March 1, 2020 to provide the working groups with the resources they need before next Fall.

Heading to Arizona for RESNET 2020?

There will be a special “Meet the Volunteers Tasked with Overseeing the Standards” town hall meeting at the 2020 RESNET Conference.  The townhall will allow you to interact with the RESNET Standards Manager and the chairs of all the RESNET Standard Development Committees (SDC), as well as many of the members of their subcommittees.  This session will allow you to interact with these volunteers, learn how to plug into the RESNET standard development process, and have your questions answered.

With your input and help, we can improve the next editions of ANSI 301 and ANSI 380.