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HERS® Provider PEG LLC Offers 3rd Party Hospital Isolation Room Monitoring

Oct 6, 2020

Image courtesy of PEG LLC


HERS® Rating Provider (and RESNET 100,000 Homes Club member) PEG LLC is supporting the healthcare community by providing third-party isolation room monitoring.

The PEG team is providing independent monitoring of hospital isolation rooms, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) rooms and Emergency Rooms where suspected and confirmed COVID-19 patients are being cared for. The monitoring includes differential pressure, temperature and relative humidity which are all key factors in isolating airborne infection patients for the protection of both healthcare workers and other patients. PEG staff monitor these rooms 24/7 in hospitals where there are 100’s of these rooms and more being temporarily set up every day.

Said PEG Senior Vice President Matthew Cooper, “We are working for a hospital system that has 10 hospitals in our area. We have worked for them for years. We helped design their bio-containment unit in 2015 and we staffed that BCU in a similar manner every time they had a suspected Ebola patient. This technical service provides peace of mind to the frontline doctors and nurses who now have one less thing to be concerned about.”

RESNET applauds the work of PEG LLC and others who are supporting the healthcare industry, especially during this critical time.