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Home Energy Ratings Focus at the 2015 RESNET Building Performance Conference

Jan 7, 2015

Almost every day new practices, products and knowledge emerge that increases the sophistication of the energy ratings of homes.  At the same time there is an increasing demand for HERS® Rating services.

A special feature of the 2015 RESNET Building Performance Conference is a track on Home Energy Ratings.

The 2015 RESNET Building Performance Conference offers a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about the latest developments in the Home Energy Rating field.  Nowhere else can you gain the information needed to poise your company to take advantage of new trends.  The annual RESNET Conference is the conference for the home energy rating industry.

Sessions that will be offered on this subject include:

  • Opportunities for HERS® Raters to Expand Their Services to Include Energy Code Inspections
  • Creating Consistency: Uncovering the REM Inputs that are Screwing Up Your Ratings
    • RESNET Sampling and Beer – Know the Rules (and Know Your Limit)


  • Projecting HERS® Total Energy Use – How Good Are We?
  • What is the Value of a HERS® point?
  • Turning”HERS® Rating” into “HERS® Designing”
  • Air Flow Diagnostics and the RESNET Standards
  • Grid-Friendly Ratings: The Future With Renewables
  • Multi-Family Rating Certifications: Learning The Hard Way
    • The Solar Industry and the HERS® Index – A New Marriage


  • Raters – Things to Know about HVAC
    • Quality & Quantity: Maintaining a Quality Rating System When Your Business is Scaling Up


    • NATE Rater HVAC Verifier Certification- A New Opportunity for RESNET HERS® Raters


  • Rubber Meets the Road: RESNET’s New Rating Field Inspector Certification Field Assessment App
    • Path to Enhanced National Consistency of HERS® Index – New RESNET Board Policies on RESNET Quality Assurance Standards and Procedures


  • Enhancing the Consistency of Quality Assurance Oversight of Ratings – RESNET’s New Tools for Rater Quality Assurance Designees (QAD Roundtable)
  • Current Rating Quality Assurance Oversight – Bare Minimums and Best Practices
  • Education vs. Training – Let the Debate Begin
  • Bringing Professional Rater Practical Testing Into the 21st Century – The RESNET Simulation Based Rater Practical Test and the Rating Field Inspector Tablet Mentoring Tool (Rater Trainer Roundtable)
  • Mentor Early, Mentor Often

RESNET has posted the listing of core conference sessions along with a description of each session and each session’s presenters.  To download the listing of sessions click on 2015 RESNET Conference Core Conference Sessions

Do not miss this opportunity to catch up on the latest information and network with the leaders of the home energy rating and building performance industry.

Catch the Power of Performance.  Register for the conferences today at 2015 RESNET Conference

For more information go to 2015 RESNET Building Performance Conference for more information.