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ICC Promotes IECC/HERS® Compliance Specialist Benefit to Code Officials

Jul 1, 2022


The International Code Council (ICC) recently sent a communication to code officials nationwide, to promote the benefits of working with an ICC IECC/HERS® Compliance Specialist.

The piece starts with an oft-heard quote from code officials, noting the problem, “I don’t have time!” to spend on energy code compliance. ICC says the solution is to work with an IECC/HERS® Compliance Specialist

The piece goes on to detail how ICC worked closely with RESNET to develop a new credential, the IECC/HERS® Compliance Specialist, that requires HERS® Raters and RFIs (Rating Field Inspectors) to obtain their ICC Residential Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner Certification to verify their energy code compliance competency.

It continues, “These individuals combine the professional daily expertise in evaluating home energy ratings with the gold standard in code compliance, ICC Certification, to provide trusted third-party IECC code compliance for plan reviews and field evaluations. So ask your local HERS® Raters if they have the IECC/HERS® Compliance Specialist Designation.”

HERS® Raters and RFIs can learn more about becoming an IECC/HERS® Compliance Specialist at https://www.resnet.us/about/energy-code/