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Introducing JobWerks- RESNET’s Revolutionary Field Education, Mentorship and Assessment Tool!

Jul 16, 2015

JobWerks is a cost effective, easy to use, mentorship and performance assessment tool and dynamic hands-on learning platform built in the cloud for today’s mobile world. JobWerks rewards people for good job performance. It is used on the job so the job gets done. Currently, JobWerks is offered for HERS® Rating Field Inspectors, and is being piloted for insulation installers.

What is JobWerks?

Developed by RESNET and Organic Think, JobWerks is not a multiple choice exam nor is it used in the classroom or lab. The most frustrating aspects of education, assessment and quality assurance didn’t even make it to our drawing board.  JobWerks is not burdensome or confusing to use. JobWerks is not ugly and doesn’t look or act like it was built in the 1990s. JobWerks is not passive.

How does it work?

Mentors observe Candidates complete their job tasks in the field and evaluate their abilities on the spot, building an internally transparent, multimedia record of job performance. JobWerks users learn from the curated library of best practices that includes media and protocols from trusted industry resources. If issues arise in the field that are not addressed within library, users submit questions through the built in building science and technical support ticket system to quickly get their answers. Candidate’s job performance records are remotely viewed upstream as a measure of quality assurance. The most notable benefit is revealed when Mentors implement JobWerks High Leverage Practices, our list of teaching methods that stimulate significant advancement in the way Candidates think.  Teacher and student share common goals and build rapport through communication leading to improved morale and greater confidence in their job skills. Better work performance in our industry means the improved energy efficiency of homes plus fewer red tags and callbacks.

Candidates earn a RESNET designation upon the successful completion.  Currently, JobWerks is available for RESNET Rating Field Inspectors (RFIs).

RESNET has completed a development effort in the Dallas/Ft. Worth housing market with Garland Insulating for insulation installers.  It will soon be launching a national pilot effort for insulation installers with Insulate America.

RESNET will be corresponding with RESNET accredited Providers and certified RESNET HERS® Raters on using JobWerks for assessing and certifying Rating Field Inspectors.