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Introducing RESNET’s New Operations Manager – Cardice Howard

Jan 18, 2018

RESNET is pleased to announce that Cardice Howard has been named as RESNET’s new Operations Manager.

The new Operations Manager position will significantly expand RESNET’s management capacity. Cardice will be responsible for the day-to-day administrative operations of RESNET. She will also be involved in RESNET’s strategic planning and program development and reporting as well as serving as a liaison to the insulation industry.

Cardice Howard brings 27 years of operations management experience as an insulation contractor along with her passion as an insulation Industry advocate to the RESNET team.

Cardice has worked as an insulation contractor, developing and maintaining cohesive relationships at all level of operations; builders, code officials, sales and operations staff.  Ms. Howard built teams to support over $2 million in sales per month, focusing on business development and strategic planning..

She has worked closely with code officials and builders in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas market in the implementation of the new building codes focusing on achieving the 3ACH code requirement.  Cardice also has worked with all of the fiber insulation manufactures with new product implementation.

Cardice has actively participated such industry organizations such as local home builder associations, Insulation Contractors of America (ICAA) and Insulate America.  She has various other insulation industry certifications.

Ms. Howard was a board representative for High Performance Insulation Professionals from 2014 – 2017 and also was a member of RESNET’s board from 2014 -2017.

Cardice is passionate about high performance homes and the HERS® industry.

Ms. Howard has resigned her position on the RESNET Board and began working for RESNET on January 1, 2018.