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John Taylor, CEE Director, Appointed to RESNET Standards Management Board

May 9, 2023 General


The RESNET®  Board of Directors has appointed John Taylor, Executive Director of the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) to a two-year term on the RESNET Standard Management Board.

The RESNET®  Standards Management Board’s purpose is to oversee the maintenance and amending of the RESNET®  ANSI standards and its other standards.

CEE is the association of electric and gas utility energy efficiency program administrators from the United States and Canada. The nonprofit public benefits corporation develops initiatives for its North American members to promote the manufacture and purchase of energy‐efficient products and services that continue to support utility obligations related to safe, reliable, clean, and affordable energy. CEE’s goal is to induce lasting structural and behavioral changes in the marketplace, resulting in the increased adoption of energy‐efficient, demand-flexible technologies. CEE members serve more than 100 million electric and 50 million gas customers in the US and Canada and allocate more than $7 Billion in efficiency and DSM expenditures.

John has co‐chaired or served on several technical committees related to energy-efficient homes, particularly emphasizing HVAC, connectivity, and automated demand response. Most recently, he participated in the RESNET®  Committee developing the CO2 Index. Mr. Taylor has Master’s Degrees in Public Policy and Environmental Management & Resource Economics from Duke University. He lives in Traverse City, Michigan with his wife and two sons.

RESNET®  Executive Director Steve Baden welcomed John Taylor’s appointment to the RESNET®  Standards Management Board, “With his decades of technical, policy, and program implementation, John Taylor will be an important addition to the Standards Management Board.  We welcome John’s experience and expertise.”