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KB Home Commits HERSH2O® and WaterSense Labeled Homes in AZ, CA, and NV

Jul 21, 2022



KB Home, an industry leader in sustainability, continues its leadership role by committing that all homes built in new communities in drought-stricken Nevada, Arizona, and California will be rated with RESNET’s HERSH2O® whole-house water efficiency rating and will achieve the WaterSense Label for Homes.

RESNET is a WaterSense Home Certification Organization (HCO) and HERSH2O is a WaterSense Approved Certification Methodology. This means builders now have a performance-based approach to achieving the WaterSense label for their homes. By achieving a HERSH2O score of 70 or less and meeting a few simple requirements, builders can label their homes as WaterSense certified.

KB Home has been a leader in advancing water efficiency in their homes and communities. In addition to certifying more than 18,000 WaterSense Labeled and Water Smart Homes; KB Home became the first builder to implement EPA’s new WaterSense Labeled Homes Program, Version 2.0

The program was piloted in the Las Vegas area, and preliminary field data collected by EPA confirms that homeowners are seeing significant savings. These KB homes had a median water use of just 44,000 gallons of water per year compared to the 97,000 gallons per year or more used by typical homes in the region – a 55% reduction in use of this precious natural resource.

RESNET’s HERSH2O® Rating program was launched nationally in conjunction with version 2.0 of the WaterSense Labeled Homes Program in February 2021. Since its launch in Nevada, the program has expanded to six states and has recorded nearly 2,500 ratings. To date, there are nearly 250 professionals certified as HERSH2O® Raters and WaterSense Home Verifiers.

RESNET applauds KB Home’s continued leadership in building energy and water-efficient homes. 

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