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KB Home Commits to Having an Average HERS® Index Score of 45 by 2025

Apr 27, 2021


On Earth Day 2021 KB Home released its 2020 Sustainability Report.

The report details KB Home’s 2020 priorities and achievements in three core areas: environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and economic sustainability; and highlights the company’s evolving environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards and practices as part of its focus on long-term value creation.

A key element of the report is “Using Home Energy Performance to Reduce Carbon Emissions”. The report states, “Emissions reduction targets are an important part of our environmental strategy. Our benchmark to achieve greater energy efficiency and establish our carbon emission reduction targets is the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index.”

Accomplishments cited in 2020 include:

• All homes built were HERS® rated with an average HERS® Index Score of 50 (the national average of HERS® Score of homes rated in 2020 was 58).

• All homes achieved ENERGY STAR® certification (to date KB Home has built over 150,000 ENERGY STAR homes).

• Became first national builder to implement WaterSense Version 2.0 using the RESNET HERSH20® program.

In the report KB Home committed to having an average HERS® Index Score of 45 beginning in 2025.  This goal is remarkable in that it is 41 point progression since KB Home began tracking their home HERS® scores in 2007.

A HERS® Index Score of 45 means that the home is 55% more energy-efficient than a home built in 2006 and 85% more efficient than a home built in the 1970s.  The 45 HERS® Index score sets that energy efficiency foundation is which on-site power production can be added to achieve net-zero energy.

This effort by KB Home speaks to its commitment to build upon its Environmental, Social and Governance profile.  The report states, “We believe that sustainability is built on one essential idea: balance. We strive to ensure that today’s homebuyers are able to achieve the dream of homeownership while mindfulness about the sustainability needs of future generations and our environment.  Sustaining the dream of homeownership both today and into the future is what we do every day.”

RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden lauded KB Home’s leadership stating, “KB Home was the first national builder to join the RESNET® Energy Smart Builder program and commit to rate every one of its homes using the HERS® index. They have been a tremendous partner over the years and have led the way for the industry in pioneering energy information labels, similar to MPG stickers on cars, as well as water ratings for new homes.”



KB Home is based in Los Angeles, California. The company builds homes in 45 markets across eight states.  In 2020 it built 10,672 homes and had $4.18 billion in revenues.

To download the report click on KB Home 2020 Sustainability Report.