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Landsea Homes: June 2024 RESNET® HERS® Index Builder of the Month

Jun 3, 2024 BuildersGeneralProvidersRaters


The June 2024 RESNET® HERS® Builder of the Month is Landsea Homes. We asked Chris Warr, Vice President of Purchasing, and Andy Lee, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Landsea Homes’ Austin, Texas Division to share some insight on building HERS homes for their customers in Austin.

Andy tells us, “We believe everyone should understand what a HERS rating means to them, especially in a time when affordability is of the utmost importance. Once a homebuyer selects a home or particular plan, we dive into the score, the savings, the benefits, homebuying power, and more.”  

Chris concurs. “When considering monthly mortgage payments, for example, taking a lower energy bill into consideration can impact the decision-making process. Aside from the obvious cost savings associated with owning and running a highly efficient home, we believe that homeowners should feel good about contributing to lower demand on our energy infrastructure platforms and reducing their carbon footprint.”

Landsea Homes works with Texas RESNET Rating Provider Fox Energy Specialists. When asked about their working relationship, Chris tell us, “Their entire team, led by James Rodriguez, collaborates fully with us as we develop new products and specifications to ensure that Landsea Homes remains on the leading edge of energy-efficient building practices in the Austin market.”

All of this contributes to what Chris says is “its mission to bring sustainable High-Performance Homes to every buyer. The HERS rating is just one way that we can publicly demonstrate this commitment to our customers, our industry, and our planet.”  Andy adds, “Landsea Homes customers find great value in our HERS-rated homes, not only at the time of purchase but for years to come. A HERS-rated home means many things to our homebuyers — confidence, affordability, and sustainability.”

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