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Leo Jansen Appointed Chair of the RESNET Emerging Leadership Council

May 16, 2019


The RESNET Board of Directors has appointed Leo Jansen of Energy Efficient Homes Midwest as the Chair of the RESNET Emerging Leadership Council (ELC).

Leo brings a wealth of experience to the ELC with extensive leadership and project management experience from four years as a military officer, two years as manufacturer supervisor, and six years with a volunteer young professional board supporting a local non-profit in Cleveland, Ohio. He was deployed in two tours of duty as an Army captain in the Afghanistan conflict.

“As the Emerging Leadership Council Chair, I intend to help continue the organization’s growth and its ability to add value to the RESNET network through the development of new leadership and initiatives,” said Jansen. “I will bring my energy towards helping to develop new and innovative ideas while enabling ELC members to gain valuable experience and networking opportunities as they look to further their careers in the industry.”

The RESNET Emerging Leadership Council was formed by the RESNET Board to:

• Advise the RESNET Board of Directors on how to effectively recruit, mentor, and motivate the organization’s emerging leadership.
• Function as a forum for emerging RESNET leaders to discuss how RESNET can make them feel welcome and help shape RESNET’s efforts.
• Develop a set of recommendations on how to effectively nurture the next generation of RESNET leadership.

RESNET Board President Matt Gingrich commented on Leo Jansen’s appointment, “It is clear that Leo has a passion for improving how homes are built and empowering a new generation of home energy raters. Over the past year of working with Leo as part of the engagement committee, he has always shown up with great ideas, great information, and a vision that is unparalleled. I believe that with Leo Jansen leading the ELC we will continue to grow in both size and impact.”

For more information, visit RESNET Emerging Leadership Council, or if you are interested in joining the ELC, click here.