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Lindsey Elton and Kathy Howard Newly Elected to RESNET Board of Directors

Sep 28, 2021


As the results of the 2020 RESNET Board Election, Lindsey Elton and Kathy Howard are newly elected to the RESNET Board.  The following is an introduction to the new Board members:

Lindsey Elton

Lindsey Elton was elected as a HERS® Rating Company Representative on the RESNET Board.

Lindsey serves as President and Director of Rating Services of Eco Achievers, a Chicago, Illinois based HERS® Rating Company.  She oversees client services, helping project teams develop, design, and construct better-performing buildings. Additionally, she helps project teams throughout the Midwest build third-party verified green homes that meet everything from LEED to Passive House standards.

Lindsey is certified in advanced building science and building diagnostic testing. She started her career with the Chicago Green Homes Program, then moved to the HEET Weatherization Program, which provided workforce training and weatherization improvements to lower-income homes throughout Chicago. Lindsey currently oversees Eco Achievers’ field testing and inspections, providing hands on problem solving and building analysis. She also works with commercial clients on wall assembly commissioning and infiltration performance testing. A native of the Detroit area, Lindsey has many ties there and is working on developing business for Eco Achievers in that market.  Lindsey volunteers as Vice President of the Passive House Alliance of Chicago and frequently speaks on topics related to LEED, Passive House, and building science.


Kathy Howard

Kathy Howard was elected as a Rating Provider Representative on the RESNET Board.

Kathy serves as the Director of Strategic Accounts for the Houston, Texas based Rating Provider, Burgess Construction Consultants, Inc.

She has 25 years of residential new construction experience focusing on energy codes.  She is one of the founders of Energy Sense as well as SPEER.  Ms. Howard has participated on multiple committees and boards across Texas, including being a Lifetime Director with the Texas Builders Association and serving on the NAHB’s Sustainability committee.

RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden welcomed the newly elected RESNET Board members stating, “I congratulate Lindsey Elton and Kathy Howard on being elected by their peers to the RESNET Board. I am confident that they will bring new energy and fresh ideas to the Board. I look forward to working with Lindsey and Kathy in making RESNET a more effective organization and growing the demand for HERS® Ratings and the services of HERS® Raters.”

RESNET Board members who were re-elected are:

  • Jim Amorin, Appraisal Institute – Appraiser Association Representative
  • David Goldstein – Natural Resources Defense Council – Associate Member Representative
  • Mark Johnson, International Code Council – Building Coding Official Association Representative
  • Cy Kilbourn, Ekotrope – Provider Representative
  • Abe Kruger, SK Collaborative – HERS® Rating Company Representative