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Listen to “Recruiting the Next Generation of HERS® Raters” Podcast – Now Available!

Aug 20, 2018

Similar to what is happening with shifting demographics across the trades and construction industries, RESNET, too, is looking towards who will be their future leaders.

Recruiting the Next Generation of HERS® Raters” 

Matt Gingrich, Vice President of the RESNET Board of Directors and Valerie Briggs, Communications Director for RESNET join host Bill Spohn to discuss the measures that RESNET is taking to address this trend.

Learn about the newly formed ELC, or Emerging Leadership Council, which is poised to address this issue from many facets. From ex officio board and committee positions, to toolkits for schools, to infographics and the use of technology (eg Slack and this podcast) RESNET is taking on this issue from all angles.


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