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March RESNET Builder of the Month: Hibbs Homes

Oct 6, 2020



The March RESNET Builder of the Month is Hibbs Homes. As St. Louis’s only ComfortBuilt-certified custom home builder. They have partnered with the building scientists at Owens Corning to study how best to build energy-efficient homes in the Midwest. In the St. Louis region, homeowners experience extreme weather conditions – heat, cold, and moisture. In order to build a truly green home, we must insulate and build a better home from the ground up.

As Kim and Jan looked at the homes that were being built in the St. Louis area, they set out to do something different from what every other St. Louis area home builder was doing. In an age of quick construction homes, Jan and Kim decided to build a company focused on providing its clients with better-built custom homes.

We asked Danni Eickenhorst, Director of Sales and Marketing at Hibbs Homes, how their customers feel about HERS® Rated homes? She says, “They take pride in their scores. Those that really “get it” often end up texting us copies of their utility bills as they settle into the home in pure disbelief at the performance of their home. We often find that the HERS® Ratings and reports even slightly underestimate the true performance of the home – which makes for a very pleasant surprise for our homeowners.”

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