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May RESNET Builder of the Month: Legacy Homes

Oct 6, 2020



The May 2020 RESNET Builder of the Month is Legacy Homes, a premier new home builder in the Huntsville and Athens, Alabama housing markets. Their mission is “to deliver the highest quality, energy-efficient homes with innovative designs at an extraordinary value, while providing a First Class experience that exceeds our client’s expectations.”

We asked Legacy Homes President Jeff Korotky, CPA on why his company has all of its homes HERS® Rated. He says, “We have made energy efficiency a cornerstone of our company. Legacy Homes’ mission is to build quality, energy-efficient homes with innovative designs at an extraordinary value. By having our homes HERS® rated, we are following through on our pledge to our customers by giving them better comfort and lowering their homeownership costs with energy savings.”

Korotky notes that consumer demand for energy-efficient homes is more of the rule these days than the exception. “Just as someone going to dinner would expect a restaurant to be clean and serve food that tastes good; homebuyers expect a new home to be energy-efficient and built well.  The consumer is making their biggest purchase when buying a new home, so we want to provide them with a high standard of quality, which includes energy-efficiency”.

As the housing demand in Huntsville continues to skyrocket, Legacy Homes continues to grow as the largest local builder in their market. Korotky says in 2019, they closed 260 homes, all with a HERS® rating, and plan to build 350 HERS® rated, energy-efficient homes in 2020.

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