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New! COVID-19 Industry Impact Briefing Series

Nov 10, 2020

While we all still struggle to come to grips with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is worth it to take a moment and consider what role HERS® ratings and energy efficiency will have in the post pandemic housing market.

We want to introduce a new virtual briefing series that brings together stakeholders from across the country to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the industry. The discussion will detail challenges, opportunities, and innovative approaches critical to a post-pandemic recovery.

Next in the series is with RESNET Energy Smart Builders Beazer Homes, Hibbs Homes and New Tradition Homes on October 27. Read more at https://www.resnet.us/articles/covid-19-industry-impact-briefing-series-discussion-with-builders/



The first in our series is a discussion with Co-Founder & CEO of EnergyLogic, Steve Byers in Colorado, Josh Stewart, Program Manager with Efficiency Vermont, and Chris Urbanus, Energy Director at Burgess Construction Consultants in Texas. They will share their observations of COVID-19’s impact on the industry.

RESNET Program Director Ryan Meres will moderate the series as we discuss the impact of COVID-19 on operations, protocols, and the construction industry as a whole.

View recording here.