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New Video Released On Energy Mortgages

Jun 16, 2020


The Energy Mortgage Network has released a new video program “Energy Mortgages = Job Creation & Economic Growth With No Government Funding Needed”.

The production focuses on what energy mortgages are, their history and what are their opportunities and limitations.

The program features RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden, Sharla Riead of Hathmore Technologies, LLC and Ken Riead of the Energy Mortgage Network.

In his interview, Mr. Baden stated that given the current economy with over 38 million Americans unemployed, the energy mortgage if properly constructed offers the opportunity to put Americans back to work on retrofitting and having it financed through the mortgage loan.

Steve also explained RESNET’s policy on the rationalization of the mortgage process in which energy is considered as a cost of housing and energy savings are credited in the loan.

To view the video program click on Energy Mortgages Program. The Energy Mortgage Network offers information on energy and green mortgages and loans.  For more information on the network click on Energy Mortgage Network.