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November Builder of the Month: R.E.A. Homes

Nov 7, 2019


The November RESNET Builder of the Month is R.E.A Homes of St. Louis, Missouri.

This month’s profile includes a selection of photos and an interview with R.E.A Homes President Jeff Bogard, LEED Green Associate, MCGP (Master Certified Green Professional), and Marc Bluestone, President of SmartHouse (REA Homes’ partner on ENERGY STAR program)

Bogard founded R.E.A. Homes to follow his personal passion for building custom, luxury homes with upscale and high-performance features. After running a multi-million-dollar division of St. Louis’ No. 1 home builder for many years, he felt all the pieces were in place for him to build and run his own company.

When asked what is special about a HERS-Rated home, Bogard says, “You need tools that prove via third-party independent verification that you really are doing what you say in a better measurable way. It’s the way that clients can grasp some of the house science that we throw at them that we’re trying to do on their home to make it a better-built home. And I think that’s a real rubber meets the road kind of system. The HERS® rating is that something people can relate to and say, “Oh I get it”.

Bluestone agrees, “The HERS® rating is objectively verifiable. It’s a relative score so clients can know how their home compares to the target and to other homes. More important, because of the elements that go into the score, a high achieving house brings other huge benefits for people such as comfort, indoor air quality, and durability. I think the score is not the prize–the prize is a more energy-efficient, more comfortable, healthier and more durable house.”

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