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Participate in the CEE Integrated Home Competition

Mar 24, 2022

One Month Remaining! 

Submit by April 8th, 2022 

Submit Your Innovative Products by April 8 to gain recognition and promotion by the CEE Competition’s Sponsors

About the Competition

The Integrated Home Competition identifies and supports newly available products that will help achieve this vision of a comfortable, convenient, connected home.

The Competition promotes connected devices and systems for homes that meet consumer expectations in terms of interoperability, reliability, and simplicity of use with an emphasis on delivering energy and demand savings.

The CEE Integrated Home is a connected, fuel neutral, interactive, and efficient home where devices and systems effectively communicate to provide new customers, utility systems, and societal value. It emphasizes home solutions that can react to the dynamic energy value based on time and location, allowing utilities and program administrators to manage to their core mission of maintaining a safe, low cost, and reliable energy experience. The annual Integrated Home Competition supports this vision through public promotion of commercially available solutions that are simple, reliable, well-designed, and highly functional. Guided by a consumer-focused lens, the Competition recognizes innovative products and systems that provide an added value to homeowners’ energy experience through improved customization and personalization. It provides a platform for distinguishing innovation in service to integrated demand side management objectives, including traditional energy savings.