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Phius Offering Rater Training at RESNET Conference

Jan 12, 2022
Those attending the upcoming RESNET Conference in Austin, Texas will have an opportunity to become Phius Certified Raters!
The passive building sector is growing fast, and so is the need for Phius trained Raters who can do third-party QA/QC on projects seeking Phius passive building certification.
To help meet that demand, Phius is hosting a Phius Rater Training on Saturday, February 19 ahead of the RESNET Conference! Please note that registration and the 8-hour online component must be completed prior to the in-person training.
Course Description

Phius Raters focus on single-family residential projects. The course is geared toward experienced RESNET and BPI professionals, and provides grounding in passive building principles as well as a guide to onsite quality assurance for the Phius Certification program.

Some topics include:

  • Enclosure integrity design strategies
  • Passive building mechanical/ventilation systems
  • On-site verification of passive building construction features
  • Airtightness/blower door testing protocols

This training is delivered in 2 parts.

  • The first part consists of approximately 8 hours of self-paced training on the Phius training portal that needs to be completed prior to the in-person class.
    • Upon registration, students will receive a login to the Phius Training Portal.
  • The second is a full day in-person training on Saturday, Feb. 19.

The course will be delivered by Phius QA/QC Manager Tony Lisanti. Tony holds a bevy of quality assurance certifications including EPA Indoor airPLUS, DOE ZERH and Phius+ and has been rating high performance homes for nearly 20 years.

The course concludes with an exam that must be completed within 10 days of the end of class. To take the Rater certification exam, you must apply and be accepted. Candidates should possess some combination of the following experience:

  • Professionals with low-rise residential energy efficiency certifications such as RESNET Rater or BPI Analyst.
  • Professionals with on-site verification experience working with ENERGY STAR, LEED for Homes, and/or similar programs.
  • Professionals with architecture, engineering, building science, construction management, or other similar experience who have background knowledge and experience in high performance design, construction, and on-site verification for single-family residential buildings.

Successfully completing the course and exam qualifies the trainee as a Phius Rater.