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R-Value Homes: July 2024 RESNET® HERS® Index Builder of the Month

Jul 1, 2024 BuildersProvidersRaters

The July 2024 RESNET® HERS® Builder of the Month is R-Value Homes in Western Michigan. We asked founder Jake Vierzen to share some insight on building HERS homes for their customers.

He says, “Asking for a HERS score is like asking for the JD [Power and Associates] quality report and the EPA mileage estimate when purchasing a new vehicle. We think it is important to know what we are actually purchasing when it comes to a car, how much more does it matter on a home that we intend to maintain for decades, needs to provide shelter and security, ought to promote our health (or at least not harm it), and should be comfortable to live in.”

Jake says they spend a great deal of effort marketing their homes since most people have no idea how much better their homes can be. He says blogging and videos are a major part, as well as utilizing social media, speaking and exhibiting at local trade shows, and educating local home designers. He adds while “customers may be skeptical that the home’s performance will be as good as the initial HERS projections when their bills pretty well match the predictions, they become believers, and some even like to brag about their score.”

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