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RESNET Adopts Interpretation on LED Lighting

Sep 30, 2013

When Chapter 3 (National Energy Rating Technical Standard) the RESNET national home energy standards was last amended LEDs were not common in the market place.  Since that time LED’s have emerged in the market place.  The current standards does provide credit to LEDS because they are not included in the Definition Qualifying Light Fixture.  This issue is covered in the draft BSR/RESNET 301-2013 and will be addressed in the ANSI standard is adopted.  Until that time the absence is concern to utilities that use Home Energy Ratings to document energy savings.

To address this issue the RESNET SDC 300 Calculations Subcommittee has proposed a formal standard interpretation that LED lights with a luminous efficacy equaling or exceeding 50 lumens/watt shall be considered equivalent to CFLs.

To view the adopted interpretation go to RESNET Interpretation on LED Lighting