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RESNET Adopts Standard Amendment on Accreditation of HERS® Software

Jan 31, 2017

After completing the RESNET Standard Public Review and Comment process, the RESNET Standards Management Board has adopted Amendment #2017-02 that requires that all HERS® Rating software tools must be accredited by RESNET.  The amendment also requires and that all users of RESNET accredited software shall be required to use the most current version of one of the RESNET approved rating software programs contained in the “National Registry of Accredited Rating Software Programs” posted on the RESNET website.

The RESNET Board has established a set of policies aimed at enhancing the national consistency of HERS® Index scores.  A key element to achieving consistency is to ensure that RESNET accredited HERS® Rating software tools are used to calculate HERS® Index scores. This amendment provides clear direction that RESNET Accredited HERS® Software Tools must be used for HERS® ratings.

The adopted amendment is posted at RESNET Standard Amendment #2017-02

The amendment goes into effect on February 16, 2017.