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RESNET and BIBCA Working Together to Ensure Proper Insulation Installations

Apr 4, 2013

RESNET and the Blow in Blanket Contractors Association (BIBCA) work together to make density kits readily available for raters to test loose-fill wall insulation installations.

Although loose-fill wall insulation systems are a desirable insulating method for achieving Grade I insulation jobs, the most common method of inspection for proper installation is visually. While obvious gaps or under-blown areas may be detected by sight, density testing is the only way to truly verify the job has been done.

For years, certified insulation installers of the Blow-in-Blanket® System (BIBS®) have used density kits to verify proper density of the installed wall insulation. These kits are now available at no cost to HERS® Raters through their local certified BIBS® dealers.

“With the constantly growing interest in conserving energy, making density kits more available to the HERS® community makes a lot of sense,” said Kristin Bennett, Executive Director of BIBCA. “Energy raters are often the ones making sure the whole house will perform as planned and a light density wall just won’t work like it’s supposed to.  We’ve partnered with RESNET because we know the value of teaming up raters with qualified installers. We want density checks, but we also want good relationships between raters and BIBS® installers”

Raters should note that they will need to know both the material being used and the desired R-value, as there is some flexible in installation options. The most common density is 1.8 lbs/ft3, which will generally achieve an r-value of 15.

To find out more about the process or to get connected to their local certified BIBS® dealer, please contact the BIBCA office at (605) 949-2427, or email Kristin@bibca.org.  For more information on BIBCA, visit www.bibca.org.