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RESNET and Phius Encourage Certified HERS® Raters to Be Phius Certified

Oct 17, 2022 GeneralProvidersRaters


RESNET is pleased to announce its recent collaboration with Passive House Institute US (Phius) to promote the construction of sustainable and affordable homes.

To that end, we want to encourage Certified RESNET HERS® Raters to expand their career and business opportunities by becoming Phius Certified Raters and Phius Certified Verifiers via Phius Certified Rater and Verifier Training.

Phius Certified Rater and Verifier training is geared toward professionals with experience testing and commissioning single-family, townhome, and low-rise multifamily buildings. Phius Certified Rater training builds on the foundation and concepts delivered in RESNET HERS® Rater training. It prepares rating professionals to identify the key components of passive building and understand best practices for testing and inspecting performance in the field.

As a Certified RESNET HERS® Rater, this is an opportunity to position yourself on the cutting edge of your field by becoming a Phius QA/QC professional. In addition, much of the Phius training available also qualifies for HERS Rater Professional Development Credits.

With the continued increase of Phius Certified projects across the country, certified raters and verifiers are in demand. Completion of the Phius Certified Rater (single-family) or Verifier (plus multifamily) online training courses will lead to your Phius QA/QC certification and open these business opportunities.

Interest in Phius Certified projects continues to grow and the newly passed Inflation Reduction Act will allow Phius certified residential projects to be eligible for 45L Tax Credits – which means more projects for you to work on.

More of a hands-on learner? Phius Certified Verifier trainees will have the unique opportunity to receive in-person instruction AND attend a site visit during the PhiusCon 2022 Pre-Conference training session on Oct. 25.

The detailed instruction offered by in-person training and hands-on experience of a site visit are invaluable for anyone in the quality assurance field. There are no prerequisites for Phius Certified Verifier training, and anyone interested in becoming a Phius Verifier or Rater are encouraged to attend.

For more information, visit https://www.phius.org/trainings