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RESNET Announces Call for Volunteers to Serve on the HERSH2O® Water Utilities Advisory Group

Apr 4, 2019

Overview of HERSH2O®

HERSH2O® has been more than three years in the making. In February of 2018, the first version of HERSH2O® was approved by the RESNET® Board. It builds off of RESNET’s widely used HERS® Index® to provide a new system for rating whole house water efficiency. Water resources are becoming increasingly strained in many parts of the country and water prices are rising faster than energy prices. Water price increases are not based solely on the availability of water, but also are impacted by the costs to upgrade aging water infrastructure. This means that the potential for water cost savings through water efficiency measures is available in nearly all regions of the U.S.

HERSH2O® will provide homeowners with a simple way to compare the water efficiency of homes they are looking to buy; just like the HERS® Index does for energy efficiency. HERSH2O® takes into account both indoor and outdoor water use and is grounded in water use data. HERSH2O® underwent a formal pilot phase from June through December 2018 and is expected to remain in pilot until its full launch later in 2019.

Purpose of the Water Utilities Advisory Group

Local water utilities are a critical stakeholder in the implementation of water efficiency programs. RESNET is assembling a Water Utilities Advisory Group in order to gain feedback from local water utilities on the implementation of HERSH2O. The purpose of this advisory group is to review the draft of BSR/RESNET/ICC Standard 1101 which is a candidate-ANSI standard for the Calculation and Labeling of the Water Use Performance of One- and Two-Family Dwellings Using the Water Rating Index. Standard 1101 will serve as the basis for RESNET’s implementation of HERSH2O. The advisory group is expected to provide feedback to RESNET staff on potential concerns or perceived barriers with using HERSH2O® as a whole house water efficiency program.  The advisory group will also be tasked with providing guidance on RESNET’s strategy for outreach to water utilities as well as the review of training materials and the development of incentive programs for rated homes.

Membership on the Water Utilities Advisory Group is open to staff of local water utilities. RESNET anticipates the appointment of 13 members to this advisory group, but will also open it to informal participation by other water efficiency stakeholders.

If you are a local water utility and interested in serving on the committee or a water efficiency stakeholder interested in being involved, please email Ryan Meres: ryan@resnet.us.  RESNET expects this committee to be finalized by the end of April.