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RESNET® Announces Pause of the Addendum 72 Project

Sep 7, 2023 General

RESNET® had initiated a Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Standards (MINHERS) standard amendment project, proposed Addendum 72, to update its HERS® field and file Quality Assurance (QA) requirements but has since decided to pause its project until a future date.

Pausing for a future date does not mean that the original language will be proposed again; it just means that there is a placeholder for an amendment to the file and field QA review requirements.

The draft Addendum proposed a 95% confidence level option for file QA or a secondary option for field QA but those will not be implemented at this time. The public comment consensus process led SDC-900 Quality Assurance Committee to conclude the current 10% file QA and 1% field QA requirement is effective. There are other proposed changes to Chapter 9 that would result in RESNET® receiving more QA results. As more statistics are built, the best methods for file and field QA will be re-evaluated in the future.

Additional deciding factors in placing this Addendum on hold until a more appropriate time include:

• ENERGY STAR Homes working in cooperation with HCO’s is developing the next generation for its Quality Assurance. RESNET® is in active discussions with EPA’s ENERGY STAR Team.

• RESNET® continues to invest in the latest technology using advanced software to identify anomalies in HERS® Ratings. RESNET® and the RESNET® Quality Assurance Team will be working with Rating Quality Assurance Providers/Designees to provide access to these tools.

In summary; Quality Assurance must be equitable to all users regardless of company size and business model. With the tools listed above we will have a much better view of Ratings submitted to our National Registry. Better information so that the industry can make an informed decision for the next generation of file and field Quality Assurance needs.