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RESNET Announces RFP to Develop HERSH2O® Training

Apr 12, 2019


The Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET)® is issuing a request for proposal to develop online training content. The purpose of the training is to provide RESNET Certified HERS® Raters with the requisite knowledge to conduct HERSH2O® ratings. Successful completion of the training will result in a HERSH2O® Rater Certificate.


RESNET is the independent, national nonprofit organization that homeowners trust to improve home energy efficiency and realize substantial savings on their utility bills. RESNET’s industry-leading standards are recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, among others.

About HERSH2O®

HERSH2O® has been more than three years in the making. In February of 2018, the first version of HERSH2O® was approved by the RESNET Board. It builds off of RESNET’s widely used HERS® Index to provide a new system for rating whole house water efficiency. Water resources are becoming increasingly strained in many parts of the country and water prices are increasing faster than energy prices. Water price increases are not based solely on the availability of water but also are impacted by the costs to upgrade aging water infrastructure. This means that the potential for water cost savings through water efficiency measures is available in nearly all regions of the U.S.

HERSH2O® will provide homeowners with a simple way to compare the water efficiency of homes they are looking to buy; just like the HERS® Index does for energy efficiency. HERSH2O® takes into account both indoor and outdoor water use and is grounded in water use data. HERSH2O® underwent a formal pilot phase from June through December 2018 and is expected to remain in pilot until its full launch later in 2019.

Scope of Work

The goal of this training is to prepare RESNET Certified HERS® Raters with the knowledge needed to conduct HERSH2O® ratings. This will include the components of a HERSH2O® rating, fields to be entered into the rating software, the inspection process and how different water efficiency strategies impact HERSH2O® scores. The training is not expected to exceed three hours and should cover the topics outlined in Appendix A. If your proposal suggests a change to these topics, please explain why.

This training course will be hosted on RESNET’s Training Portal.

Anticipated Deliverables

RESNET expects the contractor to provide a short module for each of the above topics in PowerPoint format. The final presentations should be converted to HTML format and include a narration for each module. Five to ten questions with correct answers and distractors should be included at the end of each module. Each PowerPoint should include full speaker notes. Slide visuals should be graphic-based with limited text.

Timeline for Completing Work

RESNET expects to select a contractor for this work by May 10, 2019. A project kick-off call will be scheduled for mid-late May. RESNET expects the first draft of content to be completed by July 12th, and all training content to be completed by September 6, 2019.

Submitting Proposals

• Proposals shall not exceed five pages in length and should include:

• Prior experience in delivering online training content

• Experience with RESNET’s Home Energy Rating System (HERS® Index) rating and inspection process

• Experience with residential water efficiency practices, including landscape irrigation

• Resumes of key staff that will work on this project (not counted against five-page limit)

• Examples of previous work (links or hard copies, not counted against five-page limit)

Applicants with familiarity with the HERSH2O® Technical Guidelines, pilot HERSH2O® ratings and Standard 1101 are preferred. All proposals must be emailed to: ryan@resnet.us.

Deadline for Proposals

All proposals must be received by May 3, 2019, to be considered.


All questions about this RFP should be directed to: ryan@resnet.us.