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RESNET® Appoints BTR Advisory Group, ARCXIS’ Thomas Cochran as Chair

Feb 14, 2024 BuildersGeneralProvidersRaters


There is an emerging market force for Build-To-Rent where developers arrange with builders to construct single-family homes as rental property.

The rental investor Pretium entered a $1.5 billion deal for Build-To-Rent homes from D.R. Horton. For more information on this development read Pretium DR Horton Build to Rent Deal.

The emerging Build to Rent Market offers an exciting opportunity for the HERS® industry.

One of the nation’s largest Build-To-Rent developers AMH has all their homes HERS-rated. The company reported that in 2022, its average HERS score was 61.9 among its 2,183 newly built homes. AMH has produced a short video on their HERS® Index commitment, AMH HERS Scores.

To better track these emerging opportunities and to develop recommendations on how RESNET should position itself to take advantage of them, RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden has appointed a RESNET Executive Director’s Build-To-Rent Advisory Group. The group comprises a select group of rating companies and builder representatives who are active in this industry area. Thomas Cochran, ARCXIS’ Senior Vice President of National Sales and Business Development chairs the advisory group.

The members of the advisory group are:

• Robert Broad, AMH

• Luis Campos, Pentagon Holdings

• Matthew Cooper, PEG

• Peyton Harm, Quinn Residences

• David Howard, National Rental Home Council

• Eric Johnson, US Eco-Logic

• Nathan Kahre, EnergyLogic

• Mike Mancini, SoDella Construction

• Chris Urbanus, Burgess Construction Consultants, Inc.

• Robert Wick, Meritage Homes

The initial efforts of the task group will be targeted at increasing the presence of RESNET and HERS Index Ratings to developers and financiers investing in this economic activity.