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RESNET® Appoints Embodied Carbon Standard Development Committee 1500

Nov 22, 2023

A critical element in the decarbonization of homes is the embodied carbon produced in the manufacturing and shipping of the building materials used in the construction of homes. Many times, the embodied carbon in the home’s building products can equal the carbon produced by the energy consumed in the operation of the home.

The current RESNET Carbon Index only covers operational carbon emissions.

RESNET in cooperation with the International Code Council is developing an ANSI candidate standard for calculating the embodied carbon in residential building materials. The standard could be used by builders for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) benchmarking.

The RESNET Standards Development Committee 1500 – Embodied Carbon is responsible for the proposed Standard RESNET/ICC 1550 to provide a standardized method to calculate and report the embodied carbon impact of homes.

RESNET Standards Management Board has appointed the members of the Embodied Carbon Standards Development Committee 1500. Chris Magwood of RMI serves as the Chairman and Brian Shanks of Beazer Home serves as the Vice Chairman.

After the SDC 1500 approves the draft standard, it will undergo the RESNET ANSI Standard Development Process including a public review and comment period.

SDC 1500 Chairman Chris Magwood

SDC 1500 Vice Chairman Brian Shanks


A complete listing of the members of the SDC 1500 is at https://www.resnet.us/about/standards/committees/standards-development-committee-1500/

A Technical Working Group of subject matter experts has also been established and is in the process of drafting the ANSI candidate standard.

Members of the Technical Working Group are:

David Arkin, American Institute of Architects
Jane Bindas, Builders FirstSource
Erin Bordelon, D.R. Horton
Webly Bowles, New Buildings Institute
Jeffrey Bradley, American Wood Council
Ariel Brenner, New Buildings Institute
Mike Browne, Advanced Building Analysis
Eden Brukman, City of San Diego
Andy Buccino, NEHERS Alliance
Nick Cammarota, California Building Industry Association
Matthew Cooper, PEG
Phil Crone Leading Builders of America
Bennett Doherty, Efficiency Vermont
David Eisenberg, DCAT
David Goldstein, NRDC
Charlie Haack, NAIMA
Eric Holt, University of Denver
Scott Horowitz, NREL
Joel Martell, National Grid
Henrique Mendonca, Cerclos
Alexis Minniti, Building Knowledge
Victoria Muharskey, Green Builder Media
Jacob Racusin, Builders for Climate Action
Anber Rana, Carbon Leadership Forum
Ari Rapport, IBACOS
Alexander Rees, U.S. Department of Energy
Corey Self, Pulte Group
Brian Shanks, Beazer Homes
Stacy Smedley, Building Transparency
Philip Squires, Mattamy Homes
Kristopher Stenger, International Code Council
Yatharth Vaishnani, Ekotrope
Nigel Watts, RHEIA, LLC
Brett Welch, Meritage Homes