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RESNET Appoints Utilities and HERS® Software Programs Advisory Council

May 3, 2017

Utility energy efficient homes programs are increasingly using HERS® raters for verification of the performance of homes.  A recent report published by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) found that a majority of utility new homes programs rely on HERS® ratings for compliance verification. It is critical to utility new homes programs that the calculated savings meet public utility commission criteria.  Utilities require that the energy savings calculations are accurate and consistent.

In the HERS® industry, new HERS® software programs are accredited by RESNET.  Utility program managers have been hesitant in approving the new software programs accredited by RESNET.

This issue is critical to resolve as the demand for HERS® ratings increases while maintaining credibility with program sponsors.

At the recent 2017 RESNET Building Performance Conference there was an open dialog on this subject.  As a result of this dialog, RESNET would recruit volunteers to serve on an advisory council.  The advisory council would research this issue and provide a set of recommendations to the RESNET Board of Directors.  The council would be composed of HERS® Software Providers, HERS® Raters and utility new homes program managers.

The following volunteers have agreed to serve on the advisory council:

Utility New Homes Programs Representatives

Ben Adams, MaGrann Associates

Chris Baggett, Arizona Public Service

Amy Bryan, Jackson EMC

Rob Buchanan, Alliant Energy

Tim Carter, Georgia Power

Matthew Christie, TRC

Steve Ellison, ICF International

Richard Faesy, Energy Futures Group, Inc.

Marc Faircloth, Duke Energy Carolinas

Rick Gazica, ICF International

Kathy Greely, PSD

Nick Jones, Eversource CT

Michael Laughlin, Eversource NH

Jennifer Parsons, United Illuminating

Bruce Peterson, Xcel Energy

Alice Rosenberg, Consortium for Energy Efficiency

Terry Rother, Salt River Project

Bryan Taylor, Questar Gas

Mark Wyman, Energy Trust of Oregon

HERS® Industry Representatives

AJ Afkham, GreenWorks Energy Specialist Inc.

Ken Bailey, HERSmv

Rusty Buick, EnergyLogic

Robert Burns, Pivotal Energy Solutions

Chris Chitester, Energy Inspectors

Steve Easley, Steve Easley & Associates Inc.

Philip Fairey, Florida Solar Energy Center

Joseph Ferringo, DPIS Builder Services

Reed P. Frank, Jr., TopBuild Home Services

Mat Gates, Residential Science Resources, LLC

Ben Hallowell, American Energy Advisors

Jim Hodgson, CHEERS

Cy Kilbourn, Ekotrope

Steven Klass, Pivotal Energy Solutions

Nathan Kleist, Energy Diagnostics, Inc

Tony Lisanti, Integral Building & Design, Inc.

Patrick Nielsen, Broan

Harry B. Oakley, New Ecology, Inc.

Tom Patton, Fox Blocks – Airlite Plastics Company

Judith Porter, NORESCO

Jenny Propst, Southern Energy Management

Ken Riead, Doff Industries

Sharla Riead, Accurate Rater Network

Rob Salcido, Ekotrope

Craig Schnieder, Intelligent Energy Solutions

Jonathan Scribner, Home Energy Solutions

Josh Spence, PEG

Amber Stewart, Tierra Resource Consultants, LLC

Rob Vieira, Florida Solar Energy Center

Amber Wood, NORESCO

There will be two co-chairs of the committee.  One representing utility residential energy programs and one representing the HERS® industry.  The goal is to develop a set of recommendations to the RESNET Board by its fall 2017 RESNET Board Meeting in November.