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RESNET Approves Interim MINHERS® Addend. 61i

Oct 20, 2021

RESNET Approves Interim MINHERS® Addendum 61i:
Default Leakage Values for HERS® Ratings in Lieu of Test Determined Values During the Federal Declared COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency

RESNET approved an exception to standard ANSI/RESNET/ICC 301-2019 that allows use of default air leakage values instead of onsite test determined air leakage for use where warranted during the federal declared emergency for the COVID-19 pandemic. The exception expires when the federal emergency declaration expires and should only be used where circumstances warrant. Note that this exception applies only to the RESNET HERS® and may not apply to third-party or government programs utilizing the HERS® rating. The exception does not apply to the ERI rating. The exception for onsite test determined leakage together with RESNET’s remote inspections authorization are intended to allow Raters to safely determine the minimum rated features required for calculating HERS® ratings. They should only be used where local conditions warrant.

Follow the link here to view interim Addendum 61i and the default leakage values