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RESNET Becomes 1st EPA WaterSense HCO/HERSH2O® in their V2.0 Pilot Program

Oct 6, 2020

RESNET Becomes First EPA WaterSense Home Certification Organization and Announces HERSH2O® Participation in the WaterSense Labeled Homes V2.0 Pilot Program

RESNET has spent the past five years developing a whole-house water efficiency rating system called HERSH2O. This rating system is based on the recently published ANSI/RESNET/ICC 850-2020.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) WaterSense Labeled Homes program has also spent several years revising its new home water efficiency labeling program to provide greater flexibility and generate greater market penetration for the WaterSense program. In 2020 the two programs are both reaching new milestones.

As part its ongoing effort to maintain and improve the WaterSense program, EPA is in the process of updating its WaterSense Home Certification System to better reflect current industry practices. As part of this update, WaterSense is moving from using Licensed Certification Providers (LCP) to Home Certification Organizations (HCO) to oversee certification of homes to the WaterSense specification. RESNET is pleased to announce that it has been approved by WaterSense as their first HCO.

This exciting news brings RESNET one step closer to using HERSH2O, as a program for issuing the WaterSense label for homes. RESNET’s current WaterSense Providers will transition to HERSH2O Providers by the end of 2020 as WaterSense moves closer to implementing version 2.0 of its home labeling specification. All current RESNET Quality Assurance Providers that wish to become HERSH2O Providers can complete the online application form.

Once WaterSense transitions to version 2.0 of its new home specification, HERSH2O can be used as a performance-based approach to achieving the WaterSense label.

RESNET will be assisting with the eventual launch of WaterSense version 2.0 by participating in a pilot program. RESNET and EPA recently signed a letter of intent (LOI) to collaborate on a WaterSense V2.0 pilot program.

The LOI specifies that it pertains to homes in the Las Vegas, Nevada region, but RESNET may add more markets upon notice to EPA. To obtain the WaterSense label, homes in the pilot program must achieve a HERSH2O score of 70 or less and meet a simple checklist for WaterSense version 2.0. This new version of WaterSense provides significantly more flexibility and design choices for builders seeking the WaterSense label for their homes.

RESNET HERSH2O program director Ryan Meres commented, “RESNET is excited to enter this new chapter of rating homes for water efficiency and looks forward to our continuing support of the WaterSense program”.

“WaterSense is pleased to expand our long-running partnership with RESNET.” Said Jonah Schein, National Program Manager for Homes and Buildings at EPA WaterSense. “The Version 2 pilot program and eventual release of Version 2.0 of the WaterSense labeled homes program will make WaterSense more available to builders and raters alike.”

Builders, raters, and providers can learn more about HERSH2O by visiting RESNET’s website: https://www.resnet.us/about/hersh2o/.

Learn more about WaterSense labeled homes by visiting https://www.epa.gov/watersense/watersense-labeled-homes.

For more information about participating in the WaterSense version 2.0 pilot, please email RESNET’s Program Director, Ryan Meres at ryan@resnet.us.