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RESNET Board Adopts Policies to Enhance the National Consistency of HERS® Index Scores

Nov 10, 2014

Across the nation the RESNET HERS® Index Score is fast becoming a mainstream in the housing market. Homebuilders are having their homes energy rated and are marketing the HERS® Index Score of their homes. Multiple Listing Services (MLS) are incorporating the HERS® Index Scores in their listings and code jurisdictions are recognizing a HERS® Index Score as a building energy code compliance option. With the increased visibility of the HERS® Index Score, RESNET is obligated to ensure that HERS® Index Scores are as consistent as possible.

This need has been made more important with the International Code Council adopting an Energy Rating Index option to the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code.

To accomplish this mission, RESNET embarked on a one year long transparent process to enhance the quality assurance oversight of HERS® Ratings.  This process included:

  • Findings and recommendations from the RESNET Task Force on Enhancing the National Consistency of HERS® Index Scores.  The task force was composed of builder and rating industry representatives
  • Adoption of a set of policies by the RESNET Board in 2013
  • Options and recommendations from working groups on software fixes and quality assurance
  • Three separate public review and comment opportunities
  • Posting a web site dedicated to the process of developing the recommendations
  • Recommendations from the RESNET Quality Improvement Task Force.  The task force was composed of representatives of Rating Quality Assurance Providers, Quality Assurance Designees, HERS® Raters and builders.

On November 3, 2014, the RESNET Board of Directors adopted a set of policies that will serve to enhance the national consistency of HERS® Index Scores while not causing an undue disruption on the rating industry.

To view the quality assurance oversight provisions adopted by the RESNET Board go to RESNET Board Policies on Enhancing Quality Assurance Oversight.

The deliberations of the RESNET Board was audio streamed nationally.  To listen to the deliberations go to Quality Assurance Oversight Deliberations of the RESNET Board